• Molly Paark
    Molly Paark 

    Whoooop rock on I love it

  • Rymez Tha Wun Nd 0nly (1819)
    Rymez Tha Wun Nd 0nly (1819) 

    Really soothing indeed in my Yoda voice 🙌🏽

  • illDefinedCondition

    Nice clean guitar work in the intro. Progression is great an…

  • The Oosh
    The Oosh 

    This is very nice, good work, keep it up!

  • Finn, The Kreator
    Finn, The Kreator 

    I like the acoustic intro, it makes this song stand out from…

  • Xniisan

    nostalgia rock, nice UwU, Thanks For song

  • Slimm Slappy Record Label
    Slimm Slappy Record Label 

    i love the instrumentals on this track

  • Virga

    I like tracks's dynamic (acoustic and electric moments) and …

  • Scotty Cobain
    Scotty Cobain 

    amazing production right here well done

  • Frizzosmug Frizzosmug
    Frizzosmug Frizzosmug 

    the guitar strumming is great and the arrangement of this so…