• Mandy Alicia

    nice work :)

  • The Just Imagines

    @user-100969949: <3 <3 <3

  • N.o.b.S.


    · 6mo

    That’s a very beautiful cosmic love ballad, I enjoyed these …

  • Emilio GS

    Emilio GS

    · 6mo

    Great guitar and ambience!

  • Modes About Me

    I like your style, so I added you to my playlist - FRIENDS O…

  • Pier WILL

    Pier WILL

    · 7mo

    A rock opera atmosphere very rich in sounds, voices! Superb …

  • Modes About Me

    the vocals are so beautiful and haunting the guitar is inter…

  • Steve Low

    Steve Low

    · 7mo

    New love that you know is forever is such a wondrous event t…

  • Decan Usmic

    Soulful cosmic outstanding vocals World class as always! BRA…

  • Negative Headphone

    Excellent song. Great stuff!