• juntwelfth

    awesome :) i like your vocal sounds

  • Wah

    I really like this, its so different and melodic👌🏾

  • KXNG Clark UNLEASHED!!! Archives
    KXNG Clark UNLEASHED!!! Archives 

    this nice bro, I'd like to remix this

  • Tony Tristram
    Tony Tristram 

    Fire hit it up good stuff

  • nguyen w/o yen
    nguyen w/o yen 

    the melancholy vibe,man I love this

  • Alessio Peck
    Alessio Peck 

    original vibes, new song i dig

  • KID Panda🐼
    KID Panda🐼 

    Haha love this bro shits clean somthing different

  • Byron Demont
    Byron Demont 

    Dope track bro 💯 I like the vibe here 😎

  • Dari.Mats  λ
    Dari.Mats λ 

    спасибо, послушала ваш трек, кайфовый👏👏👏👏👏

  • dakshawil

    I love Zelda, you went off this track! I could smoke and vib…