• Grodi B0D1
    Grodi B0D1 

    Vishnu Brahma and Shiva are One. They manifested themselves …

  • Honeyjuju

    This interveiw came out during the lockdown last year, I too…

  • Chrismillsaf

    dude really said to stare at the sun this guy has ate a bit …

  • Jacob Macpherson
    Jacob Macpherson 

    re-visiting this to take notes

  • loser09

    ya know if you can get your hands on the right telescope, an…

  • Alex Green
    Alex Green 

    Where do all the cunts go

  • Alex Green
    Alex Green 

    This guys getting close to, need to start staring at the muh…

  • bayres503

    Wow thank you guys this was mind blowing yet again much love…

  • marco cersos
    marco cersos 

    This whole podcaat has been amazing, and its been such a won…