Major Magnet - Peptalk [2019 Remaster]

Major Magnet - Peptalk [2019 Remaster]

Toni Leys

6 years ago, in April 2013, I created this rendition to my favorite Major Magnet track composed by my good friend Tee Lopes, best known for its work in the Sonic Mania soundtrack.

It was one of the first pieces I made a…

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  • Meme Dealer
    Meme Dealer 

    game show vibes

  • ( Derek )
    ( Derek ) 

    you know music goes hard when a piano starts playing

  • Chad_kakyoin

    Ah yes the current state of fortntie

  • Martin Ferron 1
    Martin Ferron 1 

    no había escuchado este, qué bien lpm!


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