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Bridge the City - Gerrymandering and Auto-Redistricting

Bridge the City - Gerrymandering and Auto-Redistricting

We talk to Kevin Bass, founder and developer of AutoRedistrict, a nonpartisan computer algorithm that automatically draws fair maps. We talk about what makes an electoral map fair, and how open-source algorithms can aide…

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  • Irma Sheon
    Irma Sheon 

    I was happy to hear Kevin Baas on your podcast. I have celebrated his AutoRedistrict program since he contacted me through my FB page when he introduced it some years ago. Congratulations on speaking at the Harvard Conference. They will know, as I do, of lots of states that are joining the movement toward reform of redistricting. Lower courts are upholding elections where voters are are having their maps redrawn by independent commissions rather than state legislators. The Supreme Court will rule in June on blatant partisan gerrymandering in North Carolina (Rep.) and Maryland (Dem.) which could require all states to use the same standards in the algorithms that produce their maps. Voters can learn much history and current information from Common Cause, League of Women Voters and individuals such as myself on my FB page, Ban the Gerrymander, Let's Get Serious.


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