• tobey frayer
    tobey frayer 

    that cover art is the shit bro im messing with this song har…

  • eastcoastbay

    Official_Jaydizzle this was amazing experience listen to you…

  • Tbc Jay
    Tbc Jay 

    Yessir TBC up next 🗣🔥

  • Real underground support
    Real underground support 

    aye we can get this song more attention it deserves

  • Music collection
    Music collection 

    Dam what amazing vocals🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • TBC Woodie
    TBC Woodie 

    My bro turning TBC up 🔥🔥🤝

  • TBC Richey
    TBC Richey 

    Yessir i love how you switch yo flow bro this a masterpiece

  • Rarevinci (@Rarevinci)
    Rarevinci (@Rarevinci) 

    All yo songs be mad catchy bro its only a mater of time befo…