• SativaSteve

    bro this is fire keep it up

  • ykoflky

    This is super hard man, keep it up!

  • The Wes Tycoon
    The Wes Tycoon 

    This is dope fam ..nice music

  • Shizzie Mane
    Shizzie Mane 

    nice intro i love it. production to bang gan

  • Grammy Gunning
    Grammy Gunning 

    The song is like something I never heard before

  • The Kaaz Sensation
    The Kaaz Sensation 

    gran canción, me gusta mucho el beat

  • Don C
    Don C 

    Love the telephone effect on the intro

  • STOG!E

    Iont know why but for some reason I heard 21 for a second

  • Hams Khadir NOHELPSMADRIZ®
    Hams Khadir NOHELPSMADRIZ® 

    a fuegoooo dsle caña no le parws

  • stöney

    what's up bro u dropping again soon every song is heat