Podcast #116 - Jason Christoff - COVID Q @ A

Podcast #116 - Jason Christoff - COVID Q @ A

The Psychology of Freedom

Vaxxed Spreading COVID - bit.ly/2TPZNFA

Vaccinated are more COVID infected says the fake news but they're not really infected - they're sick from the shot and that was always the design - bit.ly/3A8t79E

Outbreak among …

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  • User 631309183

    Do you think a lot of these jabs are placebos? After all, th…

  • Mike Mossuto

    I bet they’ve been trying these ingredients in the chinese c…

  • Jack The Hammer

    Jason, check out this movie from 2009. The premise is they u…

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    Jason, it's hard to believe that you went to school at all. …


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