until time never stops, or skips a beat

until time never stops, or skips a beat

holy shitshow

there are places
in the forest
where they say
the world stops

they say time
jump the silvery moon
and flies away
hip hop

the hum of the people
the smell
of the chip shop

endless july
u and i
salt sea and flip flops


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  • Tea R. Sea
    Tea R. Sea 

    This is quite a trip, really compelling and interesting work…

    THE BOY 

    It's really dope! You are good at effects arrange❣️

  • markjbennett

    Arresting and exciting work as always. Your songs make time …

  • Daniels & Durgy
    Daniels & Durgy 

    Wow, a real masterpiece of composition and production. Space…


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