The Huntress (Bayu Bayushki Bayu Chill Trap Remix)

The Huntress (Bayu Bayushki Bayu Chill Trap Remix)

Kittyopus (KutieKittyMusic)

I love the video game Dead By Daylight and especially love The Huntress killer, so I was inspired to remix the song she hums: both her hummed version and the original Russian Lullaby. All sound effects in the background …

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  • Rinq

    Wow... this is incredible. also at this exact moment i imagi…

  • GB Sans the Skele-Blaster Singer
    GB Sans the Skele-Blaster Singer 

    I *personally* The Huntress is the best

  • Karina

    Мда, мне эту колыбельную пела мама в детстве...

  • Brandon Scudieri
    Brandon Scudieri 

    Newfound respect for the Huntress mains out there. More impo…


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