• nick


    · 1mo

    This reminds me of my wife she can’t pay her rent

  • Kidd $taLLon

    amazing work man I really fw thw flow of everything.

  • TheyLoveBean

    Really interesting style I can see the vision 😎

  • C.p ManSA

    C.p ManSA

    · 2mo

    the intro slaps man I fck wiff your sound g

  • prod. Denny

    Yo this the same sample that kendrick used?

  • Hugh Hefner

    Hugh Hefner

    Verified badge· 2mo

    cool song, i like it and good job with the song

  • KingXxStrategic


    Verified badge· 2mo

    Yh boiii

  • Ke'Audre Campbell

    The goat is back