Tazmanian Devil (Natt Brus Collab)

Tazmanian Devil (Natt Brus Collab)

Admiral Krank and His Mighty Band of Spacemen

An instrumental version of the Natt Brus smash hit, the lead guitar impetuously recorded by Admiral Krank while lyrics and vocals were in the works. This version posted here with the kind permission of the Sacred Order o…

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  • Couch King Presents
    Couch King Presents 

    sounds so good, this just popped on in my stream and I could…

  • Daniels & Durgy
    Daniels & Durgy 

    That is some sad guitar playing...which is good. Terrific mo…

  • David Heath
    David Heath 

    really dig the guitar.

  • Gruppo Infernal
    Gruppo Infernal 

    Hail to the spacemen, Admiral, this is top shelf!


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