Far From Home

Far From Home

Why oh why?
Cos I’m far from home
Why oh why?
Yeah I’m far from home

Far from home and I’m outta money
Pull up in a car and look for some honey
100 dollar bills and a couple a deals
Looking on the net to snatch out som…

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  • Jenna

    Hello, Great song! Also would love to promote this. Check out my profile's background photo please;)

  • Seasonal Disaster
    Seasonal Disaster 

    beo this smacks I love your voice effects and your note controll... ohh shitt the flow switch man this is sick af you wanna work hit me up on insta WINT3R.official

  • L3D

    Be different. Love this 🔥🤝

  • BullZ da Kid
    BullZ da Kid 

    Hits the feels man damn💫💫💫


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