Electronic Symphony Rmw12 1mov

Electronic Symphony Rmw12 1mov

Christian Levitan

Excerpt from The Electronic Symphony performed by Christian Levitan / Rothchild Score.
This is the first movement (1/3) that you can find on the album "Magic Musical Psalms". The album opens with also an adaptation of Cl…

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  • Frank DANA
    Frank DANA 

    J aime beaucoup ton concept de melange pur classique et elec…

  • Walkin' in Pa's Footsteps
    Walkin' in Pa's Footsteps 

    classy track/cool comp. & composer/bravo/master stringing/tu…


    Added to MUSICIANS WITH VISION (various artists) volume 4 so

  • Anibal Seminara
    Anibal Seminara 

    Really great work !


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