Mighty Moss - Voks Promo Dj set 2019

Mighty Moss - Voks Promo Dj set 2019

Voks (MightyVibrationsRec)

Mighty Moss Promo Djset 2019 for MVR.
Gear: Cdj350 / Djm350.
Genre : Forest 150-152 bpm.
Picture by: Dionisis wavesel.

This is the result of our little cozy freestyle playtime here at home together.
if you want some in…

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  • Akiro

    track name pleaasee? :o

  • Adamya

    awesome set <3 ... Can you provide the tracklist please... T…

  • Entronom

    Yeeaah the goblins are definitely jumping in this set


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