Dipped Strawberries (feat. Thomas Hazey) [Prod. By Buli]

Dipped Strawberries (feat. Thomas Hazey) [Prod. By Buli]


'No dipped strawberries this Valentine’s Day' 

Witney. shares her thoughts on Valentine’s Day in her new single titled ‘Dipped Strawberries’ featuring fellow East side rapper, Thomas Hazey. The slow and hypnotic beat, c…

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  • Phola, Phola
    Phola, Phola 

    I'm STILL here. This is seriously one of my favourite songs …

  • sonder the africanime
    sonder the africanime 

    I LOVE YOU WITNEY !!! im your biggest fan!

  • Molate Bapela
    Molate Bapela 

    Bless Whit, I just met you a few in an unfortunate departure…

  • amkay



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