• Lxst Boy
    Lxst Boy 

    classic <3

  • Mr Lucky Skyblazer
    Mr Lucky Skyblazer 

    autotune force is strong with this one

  • Taedeaux

    Very creative sound you got going on here Jofi...keep em com…

  • Tearboy Lou
    Tearboy Lou 

    your so talented man love your work fr

  • 4eval.treyy

    This is a nice beat keep it up man

  • ManifestN

    Really dope vocals man! Keep dropping music! Shit goes hard!

  • G1kurtt007

    does work don't give up on your dreams I really felt this

  • Pero G
    Pero G 

    Daamn this is litt u got the sauce my G u net up

  • Since Imagination
    Since Imagination 

    rapersss like itt amazing oness

  • LB Rock
    LB Rock 

    hardddd keep it up dawg and never stop grinding!! listen to …