• Kapper

    Like this one, everthing about it

  • ✯ G333MDA ✯
    ✯ G333MDA ✯ 

    dope vibes and energy I love ur sound

  • EZ3 Quippa
    EZ3 Quippa 

    Got a smooth voice man gives me a good vibes !

  • Pernicious.

    This gives me a vibe mix between x and peep

  • Cloyd OG💰✈️
    Cloyd OG💰✈️ 

    this shit had me vibing and so did the beat keep it coming

  • MySelf (415)
    MySelf (415) 

    Perfect vocals bruh this is amazing

  • Axis Kode
    Axis Kode 

    i like the vibe on this and the beat is good too man

  • 2z

    Definitely a vibe right here keep grinding youll make it❤️‍�…

  • True Celo
    True Celo 

    this is a great track. fuck w it fr. gas asf

  • Key3zs!

    This hard bro keep it up!!!🔥🔥🔥yuhhhhhh