On My Own (12" Version)

On My Own (12" Version)

Zero 7

On My Own' features Danny Pratt (AKA Danny Boy), a native of Canberra, Australia who Zero 7 met in London in 2012

Available now on iTunes UK: itunes.apple.com/gb/album/on-my-o…1157?i=687761250
iTunes US: bit.ly/19jZjCs

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  • Keith Ireland
    Keith Ireland 

    Listening by the pool in Thailand nobody else there so speak…

  • Shiloh Mileski
    Shiloh Mileski 

    Getting modern 'The Cure' vibes and def not complaining. Lov…

  • Qoleks


  • Coco Colette x
    Coco Colette x 

    Brillant! 🎧👌🏼


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