Zoftle x Athena Nyx - Soul Harvest

Zoftle x Athena Nyx - Soul Harvest


We did it everyone! After 58 hours of working on this song with my lovely girlfriend, we present to you: Soul Harvest

This project was so meaningful and fun to work on, yall are not prepared for this banger!

Athena Nyx…

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  • Yin yang Yt

    Wow. This song is awesome. Very fantastic job Zoftle. And At…

  • Zoftle


    · 6mo

    Oh. Nah shes not russian shes Asian

  • Samuel's Beats!

    vocals from dathphoria?

  • NCK


    · 9mo

    That screeching sound reminds me of DirtyPaws a lot (extreme…


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