Angels Cry (feat. WRKINSILENCE & Moeazy)

Angels Cry (feat. WRKINSILENCE & Moeazy)


Prod. Anweezy & Outlvw


It's a risky business
Falling in love with a girl like you
All you do is damage
Damage to myself
I can't play with you
But you got me waiting
All day all night
Twenty Four Seven

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  • Knos Music
    Knos Music 

    Sorry mate, I listened to your tracks, but even tho I see th…

  • YYUNGG21

    Yessirrr imma sub follow allat rn

  • lil Bobo
    lil Bobo 

    I really like it man! keep it up 💯🔥

  • LuvCurt (@luvcurto)
    LuvCurt (@luvcurto) 

    Ok i like the flow and hook its catchy... The autontune can …


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