DE LIEFDE (with Dave McKeown)

DE LIEFDE (with Dave McKeown)

Bas Kooman

The love makes narrow beds wide...

[Rough translation]
It's nonsensical, says the mind
It's ridiculous, snarls our pride
It can't be true, exclaims the experience
It is what it is, replies the love

The love, …

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  • Cavebar

    This sounds fantastic, and the chorus is very catchy. Great …

  • Bas Kooman
    Bas Kooman 

    @cazs21: Hope you are not standing in Bolsonaro's forest the…

  • Philleann

    Another wonderful song, sounds amazing. Love Mr Mckeown's sa…

  • Jeff Roberts
    Jeff Roberts 

    nice one Bas!! your engineering is so pristine; your bass li…


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