GEEF ME LIEFDE (remixed & remastered)

GEEF ME LIEFDE (remixed & remastered)

Bas Kooman

New mix & master 07.12.2021

[Rough English translation]
You stayed the same
In all those years
Full attention
For everyone
But when I see
How we are doing
I want tonight
Just for us alone

Darling (give m…

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  • Penelope's Thrill
    Penelope's Thrill 

    Beautiful song!! Love the wistful vocals and crystalline gui…

  • ZZZYoski

    sounds so good wtf, that solo was nuts

  • IMPERKNAC (@zeeisrage)
    IMPERKNAC (@zeeisrage) 

    Darn bro dis is just so fire asf dude

  • kensuke kotori
    kensuke kotori 

    A really wonderful performance ... a melody that soars into …


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