hang in there (prod. sky)

hang in there (prod. sky)

Cal Meloblu

beat by sky
written by cal meloblu
vocal prod. by cal meloblu

lyrics: hook

yeah she
calling on her friend
that one there i recommend
they said hang in there
but im hanging by a thread
oh, oh
i hate it here
oh, oh
my ti…

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  • CactusKev


    · 4mo

    ay how you doing fr dm me bro

  • SGWOP 𓁹𓂀𓁹

    We jus gotta keep pushing we gonna make it where we dream 😤…

  • Sleepy*


    · 4mo

    vocals go crazy and mixing go crazy to

  • Ferty Fee

    Ferty Fee

    · 4mo

    this is hard asf can't wait to hear more


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