Breeze Of Love |  Marianne Lihannah

Breeze Of Love | Marianne Lihannah


'Breeze of Love' is a love song, a lyrical weaving of beautiful memories, mixed with reminders to myself to choose to love and understand, whenever it is possible. To not let the few bad moments in a day overshadow all t…

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  • Marc-André Pépin
    Marc-André Pépin 

    Nice melody and great voice!

  • LightofLion - Junnu Huhtinen
    LightofLion - Junnu Huhtinen 

    Your voice is great and I love the atmosphere you create. Th…

  • Myckael Marcovic
    Myckael Marcovic 

    Une voix comme irréelle qui me fait voler dans des sphères d…

  • Ladat

    Beautiful and so romantic melody with awesome vocals.


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