Everybody's Got A Story To Tell

Everybody's Got A Story To Tell

Erin Wolf

Copyright Erin Wolf 2021

Week 48 Prompt: Tell Me Everything
*Second song for this week's prompt*

tell me everything
'bout where you grew up
was it easy
or kinda rough
where'd you go to school
where did you play
show me…

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  • Rich Waring
    Rich Waring 

    I really like the guitaring on this one, and "I've learned a…

  • Evan McDoniels
    Evan McDoniels 

    the verse melody and themes remind me of Kila's "Tip Toe" so…

  • Bernard Dady
    Bernard Dady 

    Great lyrics this week - you are on a winning streak. Oh! th…

  • JTR

    Holy smokes. Beautiful and really well put together, it has …


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