Luck Might Turn

Luck Might Turn

Erin Wolf

Copyright Erin Wolf 2021
feat. Saoirse

Luck Might Turn
November 2021 (7-in-7) Fearless Songwriter Challenge
Bonus Fearless Prompt: Drink the Moon
SAW Week 45 Prompt: Out of Sight

i see you from across the room
you'll e…

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  • Evan McDoniels
    Evan McDoniels 

    Super cool tune, I appreciate the percussive guitar part and…

  • Bernard Dady
    Bernard Dady 

    Just comleting second listen. I aslo like the guitar, it cre…

  • Charlatan, PE
    Charlatan, PE 

    Wicked feel to this one, heavy, and gritty, and driving, and…

  • Rich Waring
    Rich Waring 

    Damn - these lyrics got me thinking... dating really sucks f…


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