Medusa - with Rosin dust

Medusa - with Rosin dust

Francesco Cartocci

When I sent @Rosindust a very first demo, the piece still didn't have a name. She asked me on WhatsApp "Ok, how do you want me to play it?" and I replied "Nervous, furious like... like.. Wait!" and I sent her a picture o…

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  • Zibo


    · 3mo

    rosin dust is so wonderful is violin🙂 the production is ama…

  • Neno J.

    Neno J.

    · 6mo

    Great collab!

  • Likewyse Productions

    what a great fusion of talent here - the violins aare amazin…

  • Stricknice


    · 10mo

    Strings on this one are out of this world just fantastic!


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