The End / Credits (feat. Gaspar Claus & Jayne Amara Ross)

The End / Credits (feat. Gaspar Claus & Jayne Amara Ross)

THE FREEMARTIN CALF (an original soundtrack)
original music by Frédéric D. Oberland with Gaspar Claus
poetry & film by Jayne Amara Ross

Out on Deluxe LP+DVD & Digital - September 23th 2013 via Gizeh Records
ORDER: fre

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  • alex lowe
    alex lowe 

    is she reading these from a book?

  • Mario Savioni
    Mario Savioni 

    Metaphors are hard to relate because of so many pieces. The chicken in the oven metaphor speaks of your sound mind. I love writing that is sublime, especially such writing that is sandwiched within music. Every note has to match the perfection of...

  • AFRA


  • Niloufar Karimian
    Niloufar Karimian 

    used to listen too this track almost every day on the way of home from work, with closed eyes while I could see the shadow of lights on the street behind my eyes and let my hair dance with the wind.


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