• Patros15

    Great track

  • Jay Olivine
    Jay Olivine 

    Beautiful composition and playing. Very smooth indeed.

  • Dr. Wally Bartfay
    Dr. Wally Bartfay 

    Lovely orchestration and layering of sounds and emotions

  • Elyssia

    Very lovely track with very unexpected clashy harmonies in t…

  • LightofLion - Junnu Huhtinen
    LightofLion - Junnu Huhtinen 

    What an excellent production. Thank you!

  • Clive Pett
    Clive Pett 

    Not easy to do well and you nailed it! Loved the piano too s…

  • Karin-Maria Brunner
  • Lukowig

    Wonderful sweet piece... superb work 😍👏

  • Joseph Price
    Joseph Price 

    THIS IS GOLD, feel like im in a pixar movie while listening!

  • KVJ World
    KVJ World 

    Loved the chill vibes. Great work