“The Bells Of Rhymney” (Byrds cover)

“The Bells Of Rhymney” (Byrds cover)

James (Lawrence) Nesser

Pete Seeger wrote this song based on a 1938 poem by the Welsh poet Idris Davies, who lived in the town of Rhymney, Wales. The poem was written in protest of a pay cut the British government imposed on the coal industry a…

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  • The Gatsbys
    The Gatsbys 

    definitely the best cover version I ve had the pleasure to l…

  • Sam Prock
    Sam Prock 

    super bright!

  • David. k. A. Spencer.
    David. k. A. Spencer. 

    Are you sure you weren’t in the Bryds? Your voice is so iden…

  • Wayfarer DG
    Wayfarer DG 

    Really cool cover of great track!


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