Let It Go (demo)

Let It Go (demo)

James Bay

The debut album 'Chaos And The Calm' is available to download now:
iTunes - po.st/CATCi
Amazon - po.st/CATCa
Google Play - po.st/CATCg

Listen/Share on Spotify: po.st/JamesBaySpotify

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  • Kathy Joyner
    Kathy Joyner 

    🍓Coomee And Seee Mee...💟

  • Igor Toca
    Igor Toca 

    Best 🎶 eu amo esra musica deixa tudo sinza

  • Summer

    when u hear the lyrics its sad ;(

  • غزال حسینی
    غزال حسینی 

    Daddy! Why did you leave us?


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