Partir JFC (Based on Gérald Olivieri Soundtrack)

Partir JFC (Based on Gérald Olivieri Soundtrack)

José F Castro - JFC (Petrus Castrus)

Christopher Columbus first came to Portugal to ask for some ships for his idea of reaching India sailing west. But the estimate he presented to the Portuguese court of the distances to reach Cipango and China were clearl…

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  • firmu


    · 2w

    Great piece! Perfect orchestration! (Leo Ferré dans ma memoi…

  • Konrad Spittelberg

    Beautiful narrative you are telling here in your music. Wish…

  • Till Indy

    Till Indy

    · 2mo

    Excellent and outstanding!

  • David Dunham

    A majestic song set to a majestic track with a majestic trut…


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