Cytus - ͟͝͞Ⅱ́̕

Cytus - ͟͝͞Ⅱ́̕


Farewell, Cytus II.


Compose: KIVΛ, Ice
Arrangement: KIVΛ, Chamber Chu
Vocals: K, HANABI from Ring
Solo Violin: Shang-Wu Wu
Solo Cello: Wu Deng Kai
Vocal Recording: Chen, Shan-Wei (Narsil from Ring)
Recording Produc…

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  • 01(lilly=anna=tin=dall)

    Can you hear me....

  • Reisali


    · 10mo

    This part gives me chills.

  • Nø!Z|NøX|NXT

    Cytus II x Arcaea 2nd Collab Included CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!…

  • Rayanial

    I can not be crying when I hear the "Ivy.."


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