HOLIDAY SALES | Spamta Claus (Deltarune AU)

HOLIDAY SALES | Spamta Claus (Deltarune AU)


The art in the thumbnail + new canon Spamelle ICKARUS design was made by BittyBattyBunny ( / Accompanying dialogue is still WIP, will try to finish soon!

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  • Evandencat

    yesss bussines deer girl

  • Solace Hollow
    Solace Hollow 

    lemme guess. her blunderbuss is filled with BUCKshot?

  • Ice Baron
    Ice Baron 

    Hmmm, if tehnically it’s Spamton, taken control of Noelle, t…

  • Star Yoshi
    Star Yoshi 

    "[[Oh Krissssmas~!]] IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO [[Get Shot]] YOU L…


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