Suitcase ("Think Like A Man Too" Soundtrack)

Suitcase ("Think Like A Man Too" Soundtrack)


Listen to Mary J. Blige's new track "Suitcase" off the "Think Like A Man Too" movie soundtrack, available everywhere June 17th. Pre-order the album on iTunes now and get "Suitcase" INSTANTLY!

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  • Ocie Caffley

    Ocie Caffley

    ยท 1w


  • Danielle Ramos

    Danielle Ramos

    ยท 4mo

    I love my head and my goal is higher than u thought I would …

  • Keith Daniel

    Keith Daniel

    ยท 9mo

    interesting song because I kicked black women out of my hous…

  • Tricket


    ยท 2y

    While you tryna explain ill be zippin up my suitcase ๐Ÿ˜ฐ


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