Just For A Moment I Was Flying

Just For A Moment I Was Flying

Phil McWalter

@rick-4-1: Drums
@phil-mcwalter: The Other Stuff

Electric Guitars - Steinberger into NI Guitar Rig
Acoustic Guitar - Fender Dreadnought via Fishman under-saddle piezo
Alto Sax - Selmer into iSK large condenser mic
Bass …

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    Most amazing vocal flying harmonies...wow, great song scape-…

  • Cam-O the Chameleon
    Cam-O the Chameleon 

    impressive R 'n P: )

  • Noise of the World
    Noise of the World 

    This is a superb song. Not only that - it's art.

  • Chris Scheri
    Chris Scheri 

    Paying attention to the lyrics... quite complicated, Phil :)


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