ProtoCast: Volume 3 - Esym

ProtoCast: Volume 3 - Esym

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@Esym joins us for Volume 3 of the ProtoCast. Showcasing his latest music, as well as previewing some upcoming material.


1. Focusfire - Spacelab
2. Kanine - Prophecy
3. Teddy Killerz - New Drums (Gydra Remix…

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  • Tesler

    mate this is a fat mix, that tune after new drums is wicked …

  • Dmytriy  Kravtsov
    Dmytriy Kravtsov 

    Сводка иногда оставляет желать лучшего но подбор треков. кла…

  • Nagibator154 Hamu
    Nagibator154 Hamu 

    mayday!!!!my ears cryXD

  • 2fuct

    Is this (mayday remix) out soon?


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