Ya Habayebna يا حبايبنا

Ya Habayebna يا حبايبنا

Ramy Essam

Ya Habayebna (Oh You Loved Ones) is originally a song by Egyptian singer and composer Sheikh Imam (1918–1995), known for his political songs in favor of the poor and the working classes. The lyrics are written by Egyptia…

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  • مكسوره):

    يا وسخه الاغنيه اوسخ من حياتك🙂

  • Bassel Walid
    Bassel Walid 

    جامد نيك

  • Ahmed Saied
    Ahmed Saied 

    ايه الخرا ده

  • ward

    الشيخ إمام 🖤🖤


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