Looper Theatrical Commentary Track

Looper Theatrical Commentary Track

A commentary track for Looper by writer/director Rian Johnson.

This was made to be listened to on an ipod while watching Looper in the cinema, as an in-theater commentary track. Please listen to the introduction before …

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  • Adam Cooperman
    Adam Cooperman 

    I know this is a crazy old page and I'm not expecting much here, but if there's any way you could re-upload the Brother's Bloom commentary track here or anywhere... Well that'd be really awesome!

  • lemon boy
    lemon boy 

    Ok I'm pretty sure I'm in the wrong movie

  • My therapist
    My therapist 

    Currently not even a quarter into the DVD commentary and looking forward to this already. Great movie dude, love that you opted to use more in-camera effects than digital.

  • FAQK cimile
    FAQK cimile 

    i loved this. please keep up the good work, you are an inspiration to all filmmakers.


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