• Doug Roossien
    Doug Roossien 

    very warmly served up and cleanly produced ...voice as stron…

  • Wally Bartfay
    Wally Bartfay 

    Beautifully sung. Excellent production.

  • The Gobi Desert Canoe Club
    The Gobi Desert Canoe Club 

    Another gem, ticks all the boxes for me

  • Geestrücken

    Beautiful song!

  • Tony's Lyrics
    Tony's Lyrics 

    This new version of this great song sounds great, my friend!…

  • Brian Peters
    Brian Peters 

    Great song choice Hessen..and I listened to their version to…

  • Dan Lockhart
    Dan Lockhart 

    Lovely song Riff

  • Andrew Borderick
    Andrew Borderick 

    Very nice song.

  • Gene Jumper
    Gene Jumper 

    beautiful song , great singing Riff, i love it.

  • Pierre Bordetti
    Pierre Bordetti 

    What a beautiful song full of emotions in your voice, bravo …