Whitman's America for Orchestra and Chorus

Whitman's America for Orchestra and Chorus

Robert Paterson Composer

Written: 2015-16
Duration: ca. 24'
Instrumentation: soprano and baritone soloists, chorus and orchestra: 3 flutes (flute 3 doubling piccolo), 2 oboes, 3 B-flat clarinets (clarinet 3 doubling B-flat bass clarinet), 2 bass…

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  • Kaso

    Classic.....Well Done!

  • Martin Aslaksen
    Martin Aslaksen 

    What a wonderful composition. Absolutely stunning. I know no…

  • CommonSen5e

    my favorite so far my friend. lovely work here. CS5 APPROVED…

  • Rich Davis Piano
    Rich Davis Piano 

    Amazing track all round. Great musicianship and sound.


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