R.E.M. | Out Of Athens

R.E.M. | Out Of Athens

By the early nineties R.E.M. found themselves one of the biggest bands on the planet. What they had achieved was beyond their wildest dreams but it had taken them over a decade to get there. This RTÉ Radio One music docu…

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  • raveenshahdadpuri

    awesomeness !

  • User 188707933
    User 188707933 

    Great stuff 👍👍

  • Douglas Knapp
    Douglas Knapp 

    I really enjoyed this as I lived in Athens from 1995-1997 and would run into Michael and the fellas all over town, This was before cell phones or people carrying cameras. I lived on Finley St across from the tree that owned itself! Favorite memory was the foirst time I saw Michael Stipe at Guaranteed. After eating my veggie burger I worked up the nerve to appoach him at the register and said, "Thanks for the music"To which he replied, "You're welcome." no autograph or picture. Just a pure interaction of a gratefully starstruck fan and a musician! After that I would see him about town in his Volvo station wagon, at Jittery Joe's or the Globe. I always loved how nobody really paid them any mind. A pure and lovely time!

  • User 116538337
    User 116538337 

    Nice work Ken! Morning coffee accompaniment in Brisbane 👍


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