Great vibe on this ! Nice track

  • Stoners and Loners

    Lots of cool rhythmic textures in this one and I love the ac…

  • Frank O'Sol

    Very nice song, I like the accoustic guitar

  • Strangers

    Like the melody on this one good stuff man

  • SpukSchreibMaschine

    That opening guitar is great. Good work.

  • The Ghost Cats

    how do you do it, this is great

  • JThan Psycho

    The Nirvana vibe . This is great

  • Reedy


    · 1y

    Vocal harmonies are killing it. Great arrangement and instru…

  • Grooveclowd

    Oh Yeah

  • RepostExchange

    Polarities has entered the @re-ex Pop/Rock chart at no.5! Lo…