Everything - Talaya. (J-Louis cover)

Everything - Talaya. (J-Louis cover)


My take on J-Louis' "Camarillo". Follow me on ig @talaya.music for sneak peaks of what's to come!! Written by Talaya.

*Original music by J-Louis, will not be used for monetary gain in any way. For entertainment purposes…

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  • TT & Biscuit.
    TT & Biscuit. 

    Well done you. I missed this stunning ditty. Like it. A lot.…

  • she.so

    I love this, its besutiful! 🥰

  • DBOG K’ookie
    DBOG K’ookie 

    All i can say is wow. Keep goin mama this is amazing

  • !

    커버곡인줄 몰랐다 너무좋아서...💖


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