Seduce Me 2020

Seduce Me 2020


Music & Lyrics: Jan Schonander

Remixed this, changed the bass line and removed a lot of effects from the instruments and vocal. I also remastered this using Izotope Ozone - I think it changed the song significantly, and…

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  • Brian Melt
    Brian Melt 

    I love the alternating turn around... i-VI-III-V7 (diatonic/…

  • Tot.

    Amazing melody and Superb Vocals Gat(s)!!!! Really so wonder…

  • Pier WILL
    Pier WILL 

    The melody sounds good, piano and voice, a nice production :…

  • Default Sensor
    Default Sensor 

    piano lines in this are great hooks for the song. nice melod…


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