• Chris Koelma
    Chris Koelma 

    Nice work - did you compose the music for this yourself?

  • Hayden

    the music is really loud. I can't even hear what he is sayin…

  • julie clark
    julie clark 

    wow thats so true keep going my friend

  • Khylee Gandy
    Khylee Gandy 

    so sad

  • Khylee Gandy
    Khylee Gandy 

    I'm about to cry

  • Bip0LaRGrL

    This is just so good! Please would you post the poem though,…

  • Phuong Minh
    Phuong Minh 

    the music is a bit too loud tho :(

  • Steven Sedalia
    Steven Sedalia 

    Critical. Oh yes. (via BoostPlay App)