• A DOT C Music
    A DOT C Music 

    Lyricism is too heat , the whole crafts on the money

  • SavyNichMusique / S.N.M.
    SavyNichMusique / S.N.M. 

    The motif for the voice sample is ok but the entire song is …

  • Dead Heart
    Dead Heart 

    que buena vocal!!! me gusta mucho!!!

  • MiXXWeLL

    flow goes in and the beat is ill love that vocals singing on…


    Good track, vocals seem to be going really hard on this trac…

  • MHooFD

    GOD, that voice is full of power, why you don´t record some …

  • Mindless Freq
    Mindless Freq 

    Sick Voice, Very Original track, I Love it

  • Tekt Audio
    Tekt Audio 

    Sound has feeling like circling around the ears.

  • Quintana

    flows dope asf, could be mixed a bit better but other then t…

  • Wizdom Mriminthere
    Wizdom Mriminthere 

    no games played huh bro shit kinda dope keep grindin