!MPLODE *full discography on spotify :)*

!MPLODE *full discography on spotify :)*


****NEW ALBUM OUT AUGUST 30TH! LISTEN TO THE FIRST SINGLE HERE**** soundcloud.com/zoto_music/afterthought

STREAM ON SPOTIFY :) open.spotify.com/track/3RJeqGBZoN…1gQcGy4IXTIpbL0A

thats fancy

check out my utube channel…

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  • molten (mxlt3n)

    Literally my life at evening

  • RazingFire_19 _

    this part sounds so nostalgic

  • Desrecuerdo

    Put this back on spotify, you coward

  • Miami


    · 9mo

    Still a certified banger 🌴🌴😎😎


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